(c) maxeulitz@gmail.com Sunday, February 10, 2019 3:36 PM


2017 “So embarassing, Dad”, ca 140x70x60cm, ceramic, enamel paint, fabric @ Plazoleto


One day exhibition at the Skl Plaza with Jakob Brugge, Bradley Davies, Andrew de Freitas, 
Richard Ess, Max Eulitz, Zoë Field, Vera Karlsson, Jürgen Kleft, Philipp Simon, 
Vanessa Sioufi, Sung Tieu, Raphaela Vogel & Paul Sochacki

Pine, Himalayan Birch and Sycamore trees
rainwater putting a green a putting green
70,000 gallons to fuel up
simply pop into
Europe, the U5 and Albert Speer Jr.
a network of past, paths to public space
a subway within the mall
a serenity of firsts
a cooperate cistern that store for irrigation
the con
the com
the complimentary gardens
exhibition opening, Thursday 18th of May, 6 PM
Skyline Garden at Skyline Plaza
Europa-Allee, 60327 Frankfurt, Germany